Seeding Collaboration and Innovation in Environmental Sustainability

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Latest Initiatives

Fall 2023

Making Integrative Medicine a Fundamental Part of Family Medicine Practice

  • Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Tucson, Arizona
The Human Environment

Mar 13, 2023 - Mar 15, 2023

Development of Common Standards for Embodied Carbon Reduction in Buildings

  • Architecture 2030
  • Seattle, Washington
Global Networks

Winter 2023

IDEAS for Us Community Workforce Training in Sustainability

  • IDEAS for Us
  • Florida and United States
Future Leaders

2023 Initiatives

How We Work


We look for proposals that are oriented toward collaborative action and make a significant contribution to social progress. (We do not support proposals for gatherings that are simply devoted to an exchange of information or networking).


We sponsor efforts that already have future funding identified, and that will have high impact and broad national or international scale.


We respond best to precise proposals of no more than five pages that outline a plan of action and offer an explanation of how it relates to our organizational mission. If the proposal is accepted, we will provide funding promptly.


We will only support local geographical initiatives that by virtue of design or the quality of participating individuals will have regional, national or international impact that is relevant to current environmental challenges.

Please note we do not accept unsolicited proposals. Inquire first if you have something that may work for us.

Our Interests


Urbanized areas are often where the world’s environmental problems are concentrated, but they are also the sources of the innovations that will address those problems.

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In the years to come, an increasing number of metropolitan areas and communities will rely on a mixed portfolio of energy supplies tailored to their needs and regional ecosystems.

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Ecosystems provide habitat for increasingly endangered species, the cultivation of biodiversity, and protection of natural systems that are integral to the continued survival of human society.

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The Human Environment

Many communities are re-examining the relationships between the health of their citizens and the foods they eat, the buildings they inhabit and the ecological impact of human industry.

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Global Networks

Many of the planet’s most pressing challenges are global in scale and are now being addressed by a growing diversity of collaborative global networks.

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Future Leaders

The most important factor in the development of environmentally sustainable practices in the future is the behavior of coming generations and their leaders.

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