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Establishment of Biomimicry for Social Innovation Network as a Non-Profit Organization

Winter 2021 • Santa Fe, New Mexico

Biomimicry for Social Innovation, which started in 2017 as a diverse network of designers, educators, environmental change organizations, and social change leaders, is now establishing itself as a non-profit organization. By formalizing its existence as a non-profit, the network is securing a more durable presence in an emerging field of practice.

Biomimicry for Social Innovation is a new branch in the larger field of biomimicry, which has used lessons from nature to influence the fields of architectural and product design.

The organization is dedicated to the study of how nature’s examples can influence human social organization, and inspire innovation in how we interact. It is based on the understanding that nature’s systems are resilient and adaptive to endlessly changing circumstances, and offer crucial insights as we try to develop more sustainable practices.

Biomimicry for Social Innovation has had a close relationship with the Biomimicy Institute 3.8, and has built on the ongoing work of its founder, who is a strategist and leadership trainer for a variety of social change organizations. It has offered educational programs in different countries, and worked with a diversity of businesses and organizations.

Blackstone Ranch Institute provided the first grant to the new non-profit, and a grant in 2017 to help launch the network.

Biomimicry for Social Innovation

Biomimicry for Social Innovation is a platform for the exchange of ideas, insights, and services for applying nature’s intelligence toward a thriving and regenerative human society. It is part of...

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