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Money in Place: Local Investing for a Healthy Environment and Vibrant Economy

Nov 14, 2017 - Nov 16, 2017 • Taos, New Mexico

Arjuna Capital and its partners Energies United and European Forum Alpbach are launching a global initiative called Money in Place to create a network that will allow investors around the world to identify worthy, sustainable investment initiatives at local levels. Their premise is that most investments are currently directed at national or global opportunities. Local communities are not often the beneficiaries of such investments, and are too often left out. They want to help local communities regain their power.

Money in Place will bring together a small group of leading impact investors, wealth managers, and those with experience in local development, investment technology and systems design. Their goal will be to design investment strategies that serve local communities, and map out a global network approach that will allow individual investors to invest in local communities of their choice with acceptable financial and social returns that lead to a more vibrant economy, just society and healthy environment.

Blackstone Ranch Institute provided their first grant, which has been used to support the initial gathering in Taos.

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