Rocky Mountain Institute

Boulder and Snowmass, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is an independent, entrepreneurial, nonprofit organization. We foster the efficient and restorative use of resources to make the world secure, just, prosperous, and life-sustaining. Our staff shows businesses, communities, individuals, and governments how to create more wealth and employment, protect and enhance natural and human capital, increase profit and competitive advantage, and enjoy many other benefits, largely by doing what they do far more efficiently. Our work is independent, nonadversarial, and transideological, with a strong emphasis on market-based solutions.

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3 Initiatives

Nov 2, 2006 - Nov 3, 2006

Rocky Mountain Institute Urban Sustainability Directors Gathering

  • Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Boulder, Colorado

November 12, 2014

Battery Balance of System Charrette for Residential and Business Storage of Solar Energy

  • Rocky Mountain Institute
  • San Francisco, CA

Winter 2015

RMI Mobility Transformation Program

  • Rocky Mountain Institute
  • USA