Future Farmers

San Francisco, CA

Future Farmers is a group of artists, researchers, designers, architects, scientists and farmers founded in 1995 that are aligned through an open practice of making work that is relevant to the time and place surrounding us.

“We deconstruct systems such as food policies, public transportation and rural farming networks to visualize and understand their intrinsic logics.Often through this disassembly we find new narratives and potential reconfigurations that propose alternatives to the principles that once dominated these systems.Our work provides a playful entry point and tools for participants to gain insight into deeper fields of inquiry — not only to imagine, but to participate in and initiate change in the places we live.”

Members of the group teach in the visual arts graduate programs at the California College of Arts in San Francisco, Mills College in Oakland, and in the art and engineering programs at Stanford University.

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National Indigenous Farm Project

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