Earth Council Alliance

Geneva, Switzerland

The Earth Council Alliance (ECA) supports sustainability initiatives aimed at preserving the world for present and future generations.The alliance’s goal is to support the acceleration of progress in the achievement of sustainability goals framed by the Earth Charter, Agenda 21 and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.ECA supports programs designed to optimize access and cooperation across sectors, issues and regions to deploy best practices, and to develop platforms for leaders at grassroots and national levels to work together outside the confines of traditional bureaucracies. The ECA is being incorporated as a Swiss Foundation in Geneva and has established offices in San Diego, CA and Beijing, China.

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4 Initiatives

Winter 2012

Accelerating Resilient Investment in Sustainable Economies (ARISE)

  • Earth Council Alliance
  • Washington, DC and Abu Dhabi
Global Networks

Fall 2015

Climate Resilience for Coastal Communities and Ocean Ecosystems: Formation of Blue Guardians

  • Earth Council Alliance
  • Washington, DC
Global Networks

Winter 2016

Green Climate Fund Initiative for Small Island Nations

  • Earth Council Alliance
  • International
Global Networks